Ice Cream Attack!

Artist : Ice Cream Attack!
Genre : Dance Rock
From : Denpasar
Twitter : @icecreamattack
Facebook : Ice Cream Attack
Reverbnation Ice Cream Attack
Youtube : Ice Cream Attack Official

Vocal : Rika ( @rikayuniorika )
String + Beatronic Controller : Mow ( @ndramowmow )
Bass : Partanx ( @partanx )
Drum : Teguh Narakumusa ( @teguh_rockness )

Momow originally tried kicking this project into gear with the name "Chocolate Milksex". By the time Rika, Partanx and Teguh had joined him though. The style and direction had changed and the band that developed took on the title of "Ice Cream Attack!".

The've only been on the scene since august last year but their brand of DanceRockTronica is already finding itself  on pleanty of stages across Bali.

Mixing Pop, Punk, Electronica and Rock with Midi Console Games Themes that soundtrack the band members' Childhoods.

"ICE CREAM ATTACK!" Fuses together a light - Hearted approach to songwritting with a serious passion for their craft. Influenced by the sounds of the title, Blink 182, Unicorn Kid, Metro Station, and The Famous Mogul Nintendo!

Contact Persons : Dhani Chaniago (081805365125)


Esspecially Kindness

Artist : Esspecially Kindness (EssKind) 
Genre : PopRock Gothic Electro
From : Denpasar
Facebook : Esspecially Kindness
Twitter : @EssKind_Bali
Reverbnation : Esspecially Kindness

Vocal : Ni Made R. Mareta Dewi (Thatha)
Guitar : Made Putra Wira Utama (They_oii)
Guitar : I Putu Suandy Aribawa (Nicky)
Bass : Anthony Miraldy (Ony)
Drum : Putu Firmansyah Giri (Onezz)


Esspecially Kindness (Esskind) is a name that is simple and easy to remember. Because the meaning of Esspecially Kindness is the beginning of goodness. Meaning of the name itself is a virtue is a positive thing to give our unyielding spirit, tried, and always worked at Bali and national indie music. Esspecially Kindness (Esskind) was formed three years ago, precisely on 16 April 2008. But because the previous EssKind personnel busy with school activities, eventually Esskind vacuum for 3 years.
In early October 2010, They_Oii out of his band (Hirotaro) and re-awaken Esskind. At that moment, They_Oii invite Onezz As Drummer, Bassist ony as, Thatha As a vocalist, and Nicky as Lead Guitar II. On January 10, 2011, they committed to work under the banner of "Esspecially Kindness".
Esspecially Kindness is a band that genre "Pop Rock". But basically has a unique EssKind Flow Music Separate the "Pop Rock Electro Gothic", This is because our music is sometimes Beraura Mistic and sampling.
Esskind band was inspired by many of the musicians and bands indie in national, and international levels. Among them, Kotak, Garasi, Utopia Evanescence, Night Wish, Eyes Set to Kill, and Sirinia. Esspecially Kindness is a band that influenced of the Kotak.
Kindness Esspecially popularized by They_Oii (Lead Guitar I), Nicky (Lead Guitar II), Onezz (Drums), Ony (Bass), and Thata (Voc's).
There are some achievement they got form festival and others event :
  • Winner 1th Festival Band In Mild Action 7 Cities @Gianyar
  • Winner 1th Festival Band Hoka-hoka Bento @Teuku Umar
  • Runner up Festival Band EVE CHOICE @ Kuta
  • 3rd Place Festival Band Yaris Show off @MBG

Contact Person :
@Theyoii_esskind : 087861532734 / 27BDB3A6 



Hyena Wants Party!

Artist    : Hyena Wants PARTY!
Genre   : Post Hardcore / Energic Core
From    : DENPASAR
FB       : Hyena Wants PARTY!
Twitter : @hyenawantsparty
ReverbNation : Hyena Wants Party!
Blog    : Hyena Wants Party!

Vocal / scream     : Suma advin
Synth / screaming : Ogi
Guitar : Radit
Guitar : Indra
Bass : Jose
Drum : Mocca

"Hyena Wants PARTY" formed on 28 April 2011. Many things happened after the formation of this band, such as personnel changes. And the formation of now they are feeling fit and ready to enliven the indie music bali.
"Hyena Wants PARTY!" They chose that name because they
inspired by animal hyena, hyrna always looking for prey at night
in groups so that when it seemed to get their prey
throw a party. Thus, they intend to invite all the people partying with
the songs are sung or sang.
Hyena Wants PARTY! the post hardcore genre / energic core, they are inspired by post-hardcore bands such as
- Asking Alexandria
and many more bands.

They had several accomplishments:
- 1 in mild champion in action 2011
- Winner 1 a mild pro wanted Singaraja area.

Hyena Wants PARTY! hope to be able to promote their music is indie music
BALI BALI and the name of the music world nationally and internationally.
- For you
- Your killer
indra : 081916206060
ardhio : 087862397433

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